The diversity of our geography scenarios becomes an outstanding claim for its beautiful beaches, sand dunes, snowy mountains and remote deserts; as well as the diversity of its fauna and flora. What makes up our environment a suitable place both for its scenic variety and its picturesque villages, medieval towns or the most modern architecture. All this accompanied by a 80% climatic optimum conditions throughout the year.

In addition to advice, we perform a specific service or service overall production in Spain; locations, casting, hiring of equipment and professional or any type of service related to our sector. PATH OF TALES is headquartered in Madrid, also having partnerships with other producers in California, London, Marrakech, Medellin and Havana. Where we can have all kinds of scenarios and services.

The best choice for your production (production service), we managed to carry out its project successfully and maximum safety, we guarantee the most competitive price because we have the best agreements with all our suppliers and professionals. Locations, casting …

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Creating a climate of exceptional and collaborative work will make us grow professionally and personally. Offer a close relationship and practically family makes working fun and exciting. Happiness leads to success.

It is intended to provide producers and potential investors in film production better knowledge and more effective enforcement of tax incentives under current legislation in Spain for this type of activity. We know in detail the tax benefits provided by law for AIEs (Economic Interest Asociation) as legal form, for the best use of these incentives, allowing the deduction for film investment, the bonus for the export of film production, as well as many other tax issues.

We have a highly qualified and specialized in managing financial resources economic team. Advice from start to finish to meet their goals far.